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Author : Mahak Jain, Dr. Hemant B. Gadekar, Dr. Apoorva Tripathi

Abstract : Introduction: Today’s, multi-drug resistance (MDR) among clinical isolates of bacteria such as E. coli pathotypes, is major healthcare problem and is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, worldwide. A rise in bacterial resistance to antibiotics complicates treatment of infections is major concern. Methodology: This study was conducted in department of Microbiology at RKDF Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, SRK University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. This study included 785 cases. Among all 140 were Escherichia coli .Out of 140 Escherichia coli 122 were MDR Escherichia coli and rest were normal. The duration of study was over a period of two years. Result: The result of this study revealed that 87.2% MDR Escherichia coli found and rest were non MDR Escherichia coli. Conclusion: This study concludes that ineffectiveness of antibiotic against the bacterial strain as in resistant pattern was observed, resulting in MDR. This is due to inappropriate antibacterial treatment & misuse of antibiotic.