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Author : Pradeep Kumar1, Gunjan Kumar2, Bhumija Sharma3, R. P. Singh4, and Preeti Sharma5,*

Abstract : Pandemic caused due to Corona virus in last two years has created lot of havoc and casualties. The evolutionary pathway for corona virus is mutating with recombination, convergence and adaptation. Most research papers reported that the poly basic protein cleavage site and mutation of genetics of the spike proteins are the main culprits behind the adaptation of beta coronavirus group of SARS-COV-2 to humans. Vaccines have tremendous potential to fight against viral diseases as they have dominances in safety, efficiency. In last three years we have witnessed the experiments and trials and development of different kinds of vaccines to combat against SARCov-2. Based on the different researches conducted in different countries suitable vaccines are produced coupled with immunologic adjuvant and various delivery strategies. This current review concludes, with all conceivable knowledge about structure of corona virus, target protein for vaccine development and availability of vaccines and new ongoing clinical trials for children’s vaccines. The challenge to prevent unvaccinated group of children from corona virus and its consequences is critical.