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Abstract : Introduction: Stature or body height is one of the most important and useful anthropometric parameters that determine the physical identity of an individual. The study was done to estimate stature from the hand parameters. Anthropometric technique commonly used by anthropologists and adopted by medical scientists has been employed to estimate stature for over a hundred years. Stature provides insight into various features of a population including nutrition, health and genetics; geographical location, environment and climatic condition. Materials and methods: The present study was conducted on a sample of 400 medical students (200 males and 200 females) within the age group of 17-25 years from LN Medical College Research Center Bhopal over a period of 2 year. Apparently healthy, asymptomatic males and females students. Result: In our study the mean age of the male and female study subjects was 21.59±6.39 years and 19.83±5.44 years respectively. Male: Female ratio was 1:1. Mean stature in male subjects was 169.17±15.78 cm. In this study maximum height reported was 179.5 cm, while minimum height was 153.6 cm. The range in stature of male was from 153.6 to 179.5 cm. Mean stature in female subjects was 154.63±12.91 cm. In this study maximum height recorded was 171.1 cm, while minimum height was 145.0 cm. The range in height of female subjects was from 145.0 to 171.1 cm. Conclusion: However, hand length was more reliable in estimating stature in both male and female subjects. These results will be of immense benefit to forensic studies and bio anthropology.