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Abstract : Infectious diseases are the main human killers, particularly in developing countries. Many traditional siddha medicines are used in the traditional treatment of Infectious diseases, but there has not been a sufficient focus on evaluating their antimicrobial properties. This study aimed to evaluate the antimicrobial properties of Padigalinga chendooram, a traditional herbo-mineral siddha medicine against bacterial pathogens. The zone of inhibition of the aqueous extract of Padikaraparpam was examined by using the agar well diffusion protocol. All tested concentrations showed considerable antibacterial activity. The highest activity showed by the 200 µg/ml concentration followed by 100 µg /ml compared to 50 µg/ml. There is no zone of inhibition in the lowest concentrations viz 25 µg/ml, 12.5 µg/ml against all pathogens. Thus, the study backs up the therapeutic claims that Padigalinga chendooram has strong antibacterial properties and provides significant therapeutic advantages against bacterial pathogens.