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Abstract : Background: Pregnancy is associated with changes in woman’s nutritional needs. The mother’s nutritional status affects her own health, and that of the fetus, and the outcome of the pregnancy. This study aims to determine the knowledge of pregnant women towards proper nutrition and factors associated with their knowledge. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 364 pregnant women from 20 weeks and above who attended primary health care centers in Karbala city, using a specially prepared questionnaire. Data was collected by direct interview with pregnant ladies. A systematic sample was used on select patients. Data collection was conducted from 10th of April to 15 June 2022. Results: According to baseline responses of pregnant women and their scores, the mean total knowledge score was (4.39 ± 2.43) out maximum 11 and total knowledge score percentage was (39.9%), the knowledge scores increase with increase education of the mother as higher education, with increase age and large family size. Conclusion: The overall knowledge was poor regarding nutrition during pregnancy among pregnant women. Women education was the most important factor that affect their knowledge and there was weak counselling by primary health care physicians to pregnant women about nutrition. So there is a need for greater emphasis on nutritional counselling and education to optimize maternal diets.