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Abstract : Background: Hijamah (cupping therapy) is an ancient therapy that has been employed for centuries in the treatment of various conditions and still currently used and practiced among large-scale of people in the world and in Iraq. The practice of Hijamah has been part of middle eastern culture and Islamic heritage. Objectives of this study: To assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of Hijamah users , to identify safety practices of Hijamah, to assess the satisfaction of Hijamah users with this therapy and to identify the demographic characteristics of Hijamah users. Subjects & Methods: Cross-Sectional approach was conducted on Hijamah users in Kerbala, Najaf and Babil Governorates, using written questionnaire which included demographic data, knowledge, attitudes and practices of Hijamah among users through the period from February to June 2022. Results: The study included (426) Hijamah users. The mean age was 40.22, ±11.44, (90 %) of them were males, (70.5%) had secondary level of education and higher education, (50%) knowing Hijamah from their friends. Furthermore the vast majority of them (96%) believed that Hijamah is kind of prevention and treatment of diseases. Among them (97%) reported that they got benefits after using Hijamah. About (67.1%) of Hijamah users have chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes , low back pain . About (46%) of Hijamah users are tobacco smokers. The vast majority of Hijamah users (94%) repeat Hijamah twice and even more per year, and the majority (85%) of them believed and satisfied that Hijamah therapy cure their diseases, (85%) of Hijamah users practice Hijamah without recommendations from their health care providers. Conclusion: The knowledge, attitudes and practices of Hijamah users were sufficient and accepted. More regulations of this traditional line of treatment that is widely used by the population in Iraq are needed, in order to reduce the adverse effects and complications of this traditional medicine. Key word: Hijamah, cupping therapy, wet cupping, Hijamah users, complementary and alternative medicine, Iraq .