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Abstract : Objective: To assess the effectiveness of Terfezia boudieri extracts in protection against cadmium sulfate (CdSO4) induced toxicity in stimulating immunological and oxidative stress in male rats. Methods: A total of 30 healthy adult rats (weighting 240-260g) were included in the current study. These rats were randomly distributed into 5 groups, each of 6 rats. The first group (control) was given no treatment for 8 weeks, and the second group was administered CdSO4 orally at 28 mg/kg/day for 15 days (experiment period). The third group received Terfezia boudieri extracts at 300 mg/kg intraperitoneally (IP) every day, the fourth group was given a combination of CdSO4 and Terfezia boudieri extracts at 300 mg/kg /day, and the fifth group was treated with Terfezia boudrieri at 300 mg/kg/ day intraperitoneally following by CdSO4. ELISA was used to evaluate cytokine levels, and a VIDAS automated mini-analyzer was used to determine serum PSA activities. Prostate tissue Malondialdehyde level (MDA), prostate tissue activity, prostate tissue glutathione Peroxidase (GSHPX), Superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, Catalase (CAT) and total protein were assessed. Oxidation of NADPH is monitored spectrophotometrically at 340 nm. Results: Cadmium sulfate increased the production of IL-1β, serum PSA activity, prostate tissue MDA levels, and decreased levels of (IL-6, IL-10), (CAT), (SOD), and (GSHPX). The alteration of these biological parameters is significantly improved by using Terfezia boudrieri extract. Conclusion: Protective and prophylactic effects of Terfezia boudrieri were observed compared to the toxic effects and deterioration of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines after exposure to cadmium sulfate in the prostate gland.