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Abstract : Vaccines play an important role in preventing serious infectious diseases in childhood. In Malaysia, immunization program was introduced in early 1950s and vaccines are provided free of charge in public health facilities nationwide. One hundred thirty million children are born annually, but around 30 million of them still have no access to vaccinations. To reduce the number of non-immunisation, Ministry of Health has created a number of programs like campaign, counselling, training and seminar. This study is aimed to determine the effective ways on creating the knowledge and awareness about vaccination among parents. This study performed using convenience sampling and cross sectional study design. The study population of our research were parents attended KK Gunung Rapat, Perak, Malaysia. The result of our study was obtained based on the knowledge on vaccination among parents in Ipoh, Perak based on their gender, race, age, educational level, employment status, income range and number of pre-school going child stratification. From the data evaluated in our study, it shows majority of the participants are female and among those 156 ladies, 50.6% of them possess good knowledge regarding vaccination whereas among the 13 male participant, 61.5% have a good knowledge. However the p value is more than 0.05 thus this is not significant. Upon interpreting of the correlation of knowledge on vaccination with various sociodemographic background of the parents participated in our study, it can be deduced that there is no significant differences in knowledge among parents of different gender, race and education level. Among those parents who participated in this study, fathers constituted the minority of the sample and it’s shown that male respondents tend to have better knowledge regarding vaccination compared to female. However insignificant associations were found between good knowledge and parents of different gender in this study.