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Abstract : Ayurveda is a therapeutic framework that has been around for around 5000 years and is prevalently rehearsed in India. Diet and natural medicines are important for the arrangement, however the attention is on the body, psyche, and soul in general in disease anticipation and fix. "Wound" is portrayed as an opening or breaking of skin brought about by physical aggravation. Wounds harm a few tissues, including the cellar layer (BM) that lies under the epidermis and the dermis, which is comprised of fibroblasts, extracellular framework (ECM), nerves, veins, and lymphatics. From the outfield close to Gwalior, the Eucalyptus leaves and Cinnamomum bark were accumulated in (Uttar Pradesh). Methanolic and ethanolic extract were prepared by soxhlet extractor. Extracts were stored in ~4°C. The assessment of wound recuperating depended on explicit qualities like injury compression. Methanolic concentrates of Cinnamomum and ethanolic concentrates of Cinnamomum, just as Methanolic extricate Eucalyptus and ethanolic concentrate of Eucalyptus, displayed solid injury recuperating capacities however were less proficient than Cinnamomum removes, as per early pharmacological examinations. Major advantages of the system include ease of preparation, good floating ability, high encapsulation efficiency and sustained drug release over several hours. From this study it was concluded that formulation offers prolonged gastric residence time and continuous release of the medication over an extended period of time thus oral bioavailability of the drug and subsequent efficacy is improved.