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Abstract : Infertility in the field of reproductive health is implies a deficiency that does not compromise the individual physical integrity nor is it life-threatening, but such deficiency might negatively affect the development of the individual, bringing about defeat and weakening the personality, as most couples consider having kids as a vital objective. As one of each seven couples suffers from some degree of infertility which known as subfertility and they need specialist help to conceive, which can be either primary or secondary infertility. The current study was carried out in two of infertility centers ,the High Institute of Infertility Diagnosis and Assisted Reproductive Technologies \ AL- Nahrain University and Um Al-Baneen of infertility center at Baghdad-Iraq, as these centers entice the most of infertile capsules in al Karkh side of Baghdad, and the total number of infertile female was 1724 joined in assisted reproductive technology programs to enter ICSI cycle at these tow centers throughout the period from (February /2015- December /2020) with females age divided to sub groups ( each 5 years together) ,it was ranged from (12-50) in these 6 years. As observed in this study, primary infertility and secondary infertility in female were related to several demographic characteristics and medical factors and females age, environments had a significant influence to accentuate the severity of secondary infertility.