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Abstract : Medicinal chemistry research area focused on quality in terms of medicines in Pharma for health and aims to assured for fitness of purpose of medicinal synthetic and natural products. Many years medicinal chemistry had emerging as magnanimous field in science to synthesized and developed natural compounds as well as synthetic compounds or drugs. Medicinal chemistry is area to the intersection between in chemistry and pharmacology and medicinal chemistry involves to design, synthesized and biological evalution studies to developed pharmacological active compounds or drugs. In Medicinal chemistry several studies like as identification of active molecules for target, synthesis and develops the new chemical entities acts as therapeutic agents for disease or disorders. It also includes of computational studies following as quantitative structural-activity relationships (QSAR), docking, molecular dynamics also performed for developed new active drugs or lead molecule, and more applications of chemical research techniques to the development of active pharmaceuticals to treats against various pathological hypothesis. In early stages of to develop scientists were firstly concerned with the isolation and extraction of active chemical constituent from the plants. In current studies scientists also equally concerned with synthesized new chemical drugs or lead molecules. 1.