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Abstract : The kingdom of plants has been shown to be the most successful in the treatment of many diseases, and it is a significant source of all medicines used globally. Alternative medicine is currently spreading over the world and getting more and more popular. Terpene alcohol, terpenes & esters make up the majority of the ingredients in saffron, but it also comprises over than 150 other volatile & aroma-producing substances. Antigenototoxic, antihypertensive, cytotoxic, anticonvulsant, and antitussive activities are among the medical benefits of the Iridaceae plant species Crocus sativus L. (syn. kesar). the Terminalia chebula family of the Combretaceae genus (also known as T. chebula). The amazing ability of Terminalia chebula to heal wounds and its wide variety of therapeutic properties have earned it the title of "King of Medicines" in Tibet.. In traditional medicine, it performs the function of a mild, secure, and efficient laxative. Aside from protecting the heart from harm, it is also used to treat kidney diseases. It also improves learning and memory while increasing blood flow to the choroid and retina. This review provides a high-level overview of the biology and pharmacological characteristics of numerous T. chebula and saffron extracts to further our understanding of these plants.