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Abstract : Ficus bengalensis Linn. belongs to family Moraceae is regarded as harmless, effective and cost-effective for various diseases in traditional system of medicine of India. It has antidiabetic, hypocholesterolaemic and hypolipidaemic effects etc. We planned our work as to compare stem bark of this plant which are taken from diverse geographic states. Quality of herbal drug depends on its geographic origin, time and phase of growth when collection has been done and post harvest treatment. Quality of herbal drug must be high as other therapeutic medicament. For this purpose the study has undertaken so that a better plant medicines could be made for the human welfare. We have collected stem bark of Ficus bengalensis Linn. from three diverse geographic states viz. Delhi (Sangam Vihar), Gujarat (Modasa) and Uttaranchal (Ramnagar). All the drugs were subjected to comparison and evaluation of the effects of geographic states and environment on chemical composition and various pharmacognostical parameters of herbal drug. The acronyms were given for these plant materials as FB/DL, FB/GJ and FB/UA taken from Delhi, Gujarat and Uttaranchal respectively.