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Abstract : Objective(s): To describe demographic characteristics of nursing student at-Alhadi University College ,to assess knowledge toward the COVID-19 infection among student nurses. Methods: A descriptive design is carried out non purposive “non-probability” sample of (240) nursing students The study carried out in Baghdad City at Al Hadi University College. A questionnaire has been developed for the purpose of the study. Content validity and internal consistency reliability for the study instrument are determined through a pilot study. Data are collected with the study instrument and the interview technique as means of data collection. Data are analyzed through the application of the descriptive and inferential statistical data analysis approaches. Study Results: The study results reveal that shows that most of the student are within the age group of (26-35) years (44.6%), married (72.1%), with low socioeconomic status (52.5%) and years of study (33.3%). half of them are male and female (50%) finding the majority, (97.6%) knew the mode of transmission of corona virus but only (67.8%) knew the importance of wearing a mask. Similarly, (94.5%) students knew that children and young adults also need to take control measures to prevent the infection by the corona virus and (97.9%) knew that individuals should avoid going to crowded places. Conclusion: the study concludes that more than three-quarters of the nursing students knew COVID-19 while more than half of the students had a favorable knowledge.