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Abstract : Objective: To measure, compare and evaluate the various measurements of mandibular ramus as observed on digital OPG and to assess the usefulness of mandibular ramus as an aid in sex determination.
Materials and method: Ideal OPG of complete dentate 50 males and 50 females were selected which was taken by carestream 8000C.? OPG was traced and mandibular ramus measurements were carried out manually. Mandibular ramus measurements were subjected to linear discriminant analysis.
Result: Maximum ramus breadth, Minimum ramus breadth, Condylar height, Projective height of ramus Coronoid height were calculated for both the sexes differently with the formula & analysed with Discriminant function analysis using Fischer exact test. the mean combined (right and left combined) Min. ramus breadth, Max. ramus breadth, coronoid height, condylar height and projective height did not differ significantly between male and female subjects (P value>0.05 for all) with overall accuracy of 55%.
Conclusion: Sex determination can be done by using mandibular ramus as overall accuracy is 55% but it is not well significant.