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Author : 1Rajeev Kumar 2Ravindra Kushwaha 3R. A. S. Kushwaha 4Amita Jain 5Surya Kant

Abstract : Tuberculosis is one of the major and serious health hazards in the current scenario to the world and in India also. As India is a developing nation so it is also facing major health problem due to tuberculosis and due to unavailability of good medical facilities in remoting areas of country becomes one of the major reasons for this infection to be spread all over [12]. Country report that the death rate due to the tuberculosis is 23% [7] which is a big number. So, becomes very important to conduct a deep study on tuberculosis and find out the root cause for the spread of this infection. India along with world health organization taking various steps to control this disease and running various health program such as Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) and Standard Treatment Regimen (STR) [9]. In the present research work samples of fourty patients were collected and analyzed by following Sputum Microcopy and these data was categorized and analyzed and on the basis of them conclusions were made. The aim of the present research work is to collect the tuberculosis patient data of the Lucknow region and analyze them from all points of view and provide a detailed report on it. Which will also help other researchers to conduct their research work.