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Author : Zainab abdul-gabbar abood 1; May Naji Alkhanaq2; Wasan Hamza Mezail3; Ali Shakir K. Al-Suraifi4 ; Manahel Hadi mjefi5

Abstract : The aim of this research is to assessment the effect of copper nanoparticles inside the body by exposure the samples diagnosed using the modified acid fast stain and microscopic and isolated examination using the floatation into three concentrations per nano.material is(01, 0.03 and 0.05). And then examined the samples at half an hour after exposure using trypan blue stain half an hour later and was the evaluation of oocysts exposed to the same concentrations of nanomaterial's internally using laboratory mice, where mice were divided into five groups one groups, one of which had positive control and The other was negative control and the results in groups exposed to copper nanoparticles concentration (0.01,0.03 and 0.05)