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Author : Nayha Enver, Hira Asghar, Anam Tahir, Zenab Yaasir, Sadia Manzoor, Hafiz Muhammad Owais Nasim

Abstract : Background and Aim: For many years, cyanoacrylate adhesive substance has been rendered as the superglue material in the domains of dentistry and medicine. Due to its moisture insensitivity, the adhesive substance can be used as an orthodontic bonding agent in circumstances where isolation is problematic. The present investigation assessed the repeated bonding effect on the shear bond strength (SBS) of smart bond cyanoacrylate orthodontic adhesive. Materials and Methods: This study was carried out on 30 test specimens of orthodontic adhesive in the Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopedics Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital of Lahore, Pakistan. Inclusion criteria of the study were the presence of an intact labial enamel surface and those specimens which were appropriately kept following tooth extraction. Extractions were made of the permanent mandibular premolars and the Smart bond was used for repeated bonding (2-repetitions) of each specimen. The SBS of each specimen was calculated using universal testing machine (UTM). Results: Mean shear bond strength after first bonding, first re-bonding, and second re-bonding was 6.11 ± 2.28 MPa, 4.21 ± 2.35 MPa and 4.22 ±1.52 MPa respectively. Conclusion: In general, after de-bonding and re-bonding treatments, the SBS seen after the first and second debonding-rebonding procedures is insufficient for most orthodontic demands. In this regard, the Smart Bond cyanoacrylate adhesive solution provides excellent Shear Bond Strength during first bonding, making it a suitable choice for orthodontic bracket’s direct bonding.